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Shaping The Next Wave Of Media Modernisation

Technology has fundamentally changed how people consume media. As the media industry digitises, Endava helps media companies like yours navigate the new world and future-proof their business. We work with you from ideation to final production, combining our technology strategy expertise across five sectors: Broadcasting, Publishing, Advertising, Sports, and Gaming.


We engaged Endava on a mission critical project with a quick ramp up cycle. Endava was able to spin up a skilled team, hit their projected timelines and provide a quality solution. We’ve now expanded our relationship to incorporate some of our core development, being delivered from one of Endava’s delivery units in Latin America, with similar results.”

Director of Publishing Applications Development, McClatchy

Media & Entertainment

The Changing Landscape of the Media Industry

The media industry is driven by consumers’ evolving needs and behaviors – especially the younger generations’ demand for instant access to content and information. As the media industry evolves, technology is creating new opportunities for exponential, global growth.

We help you leverage technology to capitalise on new opportunities and navigate changing market conditions to become a leader in the digital media space.

Reshaping the Digital Media Industry

Media companies are distributing, creating, and promoting content across the value chain in new ways. Intelligent automation and emerging technologies help implement more efficient and reliable workflows, with modular and flexible digital supply chain systems tailored to client needs.

By utilising emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), conversational computing, and blockchain, your organisation will reduce costs, engage new consumer audiences, and unlock new content monetisation models.

Endava’s cross-industry expertise enables digital evolution in content creation, content management, content distribution, content consumption, monetisation, and user experience.

The range of our services include:

Content Creation

 ● Production and resource planning
 ● Metadata creation & enhancement 
 ● Content management systems (CMS)
 ● Immersive experiences (AR / VR) and gaming 

Content Management

 ● Ingest
 ● Live and video on demand (VOD)
 ● Digital rights management (DRM)
 ● Network digital video recorder (DVR)
 ● Content storage

Content Distribution

 ● Content distribution networks (CDN)
 ● Analytics
 ● Multi-language support

Content Consumption

 ● Electronic programme guide (EPG)
 ● Search
 ● Media player
 ● Storage
 ● Profile management


 ● Data enrichment and transformation
 ● Business intelligence (BI)
 ● Payments 
 ● Dynamic ad insertion and inventory
 ● Recommendations

User Management

 ● User directory
 ● Real-time error and capacity management
 ● Alerting
 ● Automated deployment and scaling


Define The Future of Digital Media

Technology is transforming the media landscape, enabling companies like yours to gain valuable insights into changing consumer behaviors – and their needs. We help you leverage technology to overcome your biggest challenges to become a modern digital media experience leader.

Recent News

  • 10 May 2023

    Endava Announces the Acquisition of Mudbath, Australia

  • 21 April 2023

    Endava Recognised as Top Partner by the Stripe Partner Ecosystem

  • 17 April 2023

    Endava and Lhasa Limited Announce Long-Term Agreement

  • 26 January 2023

    Endava Successfully Completes SOC2 Type 2 Attestation Audit

  • 13 December 2022

    Endava Receives Multiple Designations under Microsoft Cloud Partner Program

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Media & Entertainment

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From enhanced user personalization to integration of virtual and augmented reality, discover the 5 trends shaping the future of Media.

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Enhanced cost-effectiveness through a Cloud migration strategy

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Supporting a digital publisher in achieving 2.5+ million cost savings per annum

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Success Story

Transforming Digital Productivity for a Major US News Publisher

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